Saturday, January 3, 2009

Homesick for images of home

I am thinking of going to see Twilight because well.. basically I think I'll see glimpses of home.

For other movies filmed there, check out this link

I must be pretty dense because the only reason I've even heard of the Twilight books was that I caught the word "Port Angeles" on the page of a book one of my rowing team mates was reading.  I asked where the book was set, and she said Forks. I nearly laughed, because I drove through Fork for my honeymoon... and yes it is the MIDDLE of NOWHERE.  This is the 3rd book I've heard of set there though, which makes me laugh. Have these authors ever been there, or did they just pick it off the map as a place few readers would have ever been?

Again check out the link, it is really cool to me to see clips of Oregon based movie footage.