Saturday, April 12, 2008

following directions...

So I've been following directions with the whole birth control thing. Taking the pill each and every morning around 7:30. Keeping track of any side effects.

And this time around some things are better:
  • sex drive has not been completely squashed - minus the initial emotional elements related the knowing that as shot as my ovaries are, that on the pill there really is no chance of any fertile outcomes for the time being

But I must say I am not impressed with the following:

  • spotting each and every day

  • cramps each and every day
  • breast tenderness that makes me vigilantly guard against any bumps, brushes, or most of my tops

  • anxiety that is hard to calm myself through

  • occasionally searing pains when my stomach tightens

This isn't anything I should be worried about, is it? Particularly the last one.

1 comment:

Summer said...

I don't know anything about bcp side effects, but maybe the spotting is breakthrough bleeding? I think it would be a good idea to ask your doctor about them and see what he/she says.